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Sittin In With Lightnin' Hopkins

This collection was recorded by Bob Shad for his "Sittin In" label between the years of 1951 and 1953, while he was traveling the Southern US. 
Recorded in clubs, churches and even hotels, because there were no recording studios at this time. Using the first mobile recording device, a magnacord, this release features excellent quality recordings from the mid-fifties.

                        FEATURED TRACKS

Bald Headed WomanLightnin' Hopkins
00:00 / 02:55
Down To The RiverLightnin' Hopkins
00:00 / 02:56
Contrary MaryLightnin' Hopkins
00:00 / 02:41
Why Did You Get Mad At MeLightnin' Hopkins
00:00 / 02:56
Back Home BoogieLightnin' Hopkins
00:00 / 03:12
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